Professional electric hot print stamping machine - OPUS Masterpress 02

Maximum matrix size: 200 x 200 mm
Temperature regulation range: 30 - 190°C
Maximum cover width (without side limiter): none or not applicable
Maximum width of the cover (with side limiter): none or not applicable
Maximum pressure: 5000 N
Force pressing adjustment: Yes
LCD display: Yes
Stamps couter: Yes
Automatic film rewinding: Yes
Power supply: 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Maximum power consumption: 2000 W
Rated power: 800 W
• net weight: 80 kg
• gross weight: 128 kg
• stand net weight: 22 kg
• height: 1015 mm
• width: 820 mm
• depth: 525 mm
72h service: No

The latest solution in the field of professional hot print stamping using matrices and / or fonts. Retractable work table for very comfortable placement and magnetic stops for positioning objects. Automatic calibration allows you to perfectly match the height of the gap above the object. The maximum dimension of the matrix is: 200 × 200 mm.


Rated voltage: 230 V / 50 – 60 Hz
Rated current consumption: 3.5 A
Rated power consumption: 800 W
Maximum die dimensions: 200 × 200 mm
Maximum pressure: 5 tons
Maximum heater stroke: 60 mm
Temperature regulation range: 30 – 190°C
Timer adjustment range: 0 – 9 seconds
The maximum width of the film: 230 mm
Machine dimensions (H x W x D): 1015 × 820 × 525 mm
Stand dimensions (H x W x D): 515 × 510 × 490 mm
Package dimensions (H x W x D): 930 × 540 × 660 mm
Net weight of the device: 80 kg
Gross weight of the device: 128 kg
Net stand weight: 22 kg


LCD display
adjustment of pressing time
counter (up or down)
automatic foil rewinding after stamp (value setting in [cm])


1 Stand
1 Master Frame (for installing matrices or frames for fonts)


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